Ex-president and 2013’s ‘Lie of the Year’ recipient praises self for long history of total honesty

He’s STILL got it

It’s been confirmed yet again that Barack Obama was not paying much attention during his own eight-year presidency — that or he’s still totally shameless. I’m pretty sure I know which one it is:

If anybody does NOT have the high ground to brag about honesty, it’s this guy.

And that is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Journalism in the Era of Trump’ update: ABC News reporter dubs Beto O’Rourke a ‘rock star’

ABC News’ Paula Faris also interviewed Ted Cruz for “Sunday Morning” segment, but even though Cruz is probably going to destroy Beto O’Rourke in the Texas Senate race early next month, O’Rourke is that one that was dubbed the “rock star” in the state:

But in fairness, maybe Faris is right — O’Rourke was once in a punk band. So, considering the most recent polls, Beto’s far closer to being a “rock star” than the next Texas senator.

Can you imagine a reporter covering one of Trump’s rallies and using 20,000 screaming supporters to call the president a “rock star”? They’d get run out of the “journalism” business, which is now as “fake news” as it’s ever been.

Perfect: Rich white guy who thinks rich white guys have too much political influence drops $2 million to sway Fla. gov race

It’s not hypocrisy if liberals do it

The shots:

And the chaser:

Steyer’s also spending tens of millions of dollars to try and get Dems elected around the country. Rich white guys using their wealth to try and influence elections is bad, unless HE does it.

CNN ‘journalism’ — a play in two acts

TOTAL mystery why so many distrust the media

CNN’s Brian Stelter hosts a show called “Reliable Sources” which regularly features Dan Rather as a guest, all while expecting everybody not to laugh at the irony. So, with that in mind, I guess what follows shouldn’t be too surprising. However, this really caught my eye in a “here’s why so many people can’t stand the media” kind of way: This is Stelter less than two years ago complaining about Trump not making himself accessible enough to the media:

And here’s Stelter this month after Trump made himself VERY accessible to the media:

Trump realizes there’s nothing he could do to make the “media” write or say anything positive, so he works around them. Meanwhile, the media keep doing more and more of everything that’s made them so incredibly distrusted by increasing numbers of people — and, even more laughable, the media blames Trump for it.

Elizabeth Warren declares Native American heritage victory over Trump after DNA test indicates she’s… probably whiter than most white Americans

Self-own in progress

Dances With Identity Fraud thought a DNA test she took was enough to declare victory over the mockery of President Trump:

US Senator Elizabeth Warren released the results of a DNA analysis on Monday that she said indicated she had some Native American heritage – a direct rebuttal to Donald Trump, who has long mocked her ancestral claims and repeatedly referred to her as Pocahontas.

The Massachusetts Democrat and potential 2020 presidential contender challenged Trump to make good on his pledge to donate $1m to charity if she provided proof of Native American heritage, a moment that was caught on video.

The report said that if there’s Native American blood in Warren, it’s from six to ten generations ago and she “might” be between 1/64 and 1/1024 American Indian. In other words, there’s not much there:

But Warren DID manage to prove that she’s whiter than the average white American:

Way to go, Liz!

And remember, this whole thing started because Warren listed herself as “Native American” at Harvard and listed herself as a minority. She also said “her mother and father were forced to elope because of her mother’s heritage.” Now those goalposts have been moved all the way back to “see, there might have been a Native American in my family tree nine generations ago!”

The Cherokee Nation isn’t buying any of Warren’s sales pitch:

But as usual Warren knew that she could count on the MSM to help spread her BS as truth:

The burden of “proof” is practically nonexistent when the media’s trying to defend Dems.

What Happened™: Hillary Clinton & her ‘Scooby van’ just did a remarkable recreation of the 2016 election

Metaphors aplenty

Hillary’s going to blame Trump and Russia for this, isn’t she?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was involved in a minor car accident in New Jersey on Tuesday prior to a fundraiser for Sen. Bob Menendez.

According to a video obtained by NTK Network, Clinton’s Secret Service van pulled into a parking garage and headed up the ramp before crashing and halting to a stop.

Everything came to a sudden grinding stop, and then Hillary emerged with a confused “what happened” look on her face. But enough about the 2016 election, here’s video of the Scooby van accident:

Senate Republicans added the required comedic effect (via Twitchy):

Popcorn time: MSNBC hosts lose their s**t over Kanye West’s appearance with Trump in the Oval Office

Take your meds, media!

Probably the best thing so far about the Trump presidency is the ease at which he can drive the lefty media absolutely cuckoo for CoCo Puffs at the drop of a MAGA hat on the head of Kanye West:

Sheesh. If that’s their reaction to Kanye West in the Oval Office, don’t tell them what Bill Clinton did there!

Probably the best part was “it was an assault on our White House.” Take your meds, media, you’ve got a long ways to go — save some energy for Trump’s second term.

America: Well, the media can’t possibly sink lower. Media: Hold our beer!


In case you’re wondering how deep the “media” is willing to drill for anti-Trump admin scoops, they got out the diamond-tipped drill to get this far down:

So much for “teacher/former student privilege.” The media has obviously decided that flat-out embarrassing themselves is the only way to go at this point.

Irony overload alert: Billionaire Dem megadonor Tom Steyer says ‘rich entitled white men’ are trying to control politics

What a toolbag

Hey, money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy an operation to bypass any sense of self-awareness whatsoever:

Asked for his thoughts on last week’s confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Steyer helpfully explained, “A group of very rich, very entitled white men wanted to tell the country, ‘We are going to have our way. And if you don’t like it, that’s too darned bad.'” This makes it incumbent, Steyer says, on Democrats to use the midterm elections to “tell those rich, entitled white men that we exist and democracy exists.”

If Steyer were really that triggered by rich white men dabbling in politics he’d have punched himself in the face. This is what ZERO self-awareness looks like:

That’s from the same rich white guy who pledged to give about $30 million to get House Dems elected this year. What a toolbag.

Good luck with that! On Kavanaugh’s first day, lefties continue same protest that failed to stop his confirmation

The Handmaid’s Fail

Brett Kavanaugh’s first day at the Supreme Court saw a bunch of women who are completely free to protest and make fools of themselves all they want pretending to be horribly oppressed by a new Supreme Court justice they don’t like who was nominated by a president they hate:

Yep, it’s the same shtick that didn’t stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the first place, but maybe it’ll work this time! This should henceforth be referred to as The Handmaid’s Fail.

That sad cosplay spectacle follows days of lefties embarrassing themselves, their parents and all their ancestors:

Who’s got a weird hat, loud voice, lots of free time and hates Trump & Kavanaugh? THIS guy:

“This is what democracy looks like!”

The U.S. is a Republic, not a democracy, but for the sake of argument, do they know what else democracy looks like?

To sum up the week liberals had…

And then some.