Born again Christians get Keillor hauled

On Garrison Keillor’s post election show on PBS, he said there should be a constitutional amendment to ban born again Christians from voting. Too bad there’s not a constitutional amendment to make them listen to PBS, because not many BAC’s heard that bit, and those who did have it on probably need an additional amendment to wake them up.

Notice Keillor doesn’t dislike them enough to call for an amendment to prevent PBS from accepting money taken from BAC’s via taxation, which is then used as a support joist for an ivory tower which tilts so far to the left that, without it, would collapse into a rubble pile full of round wire rimmed glasses, arrogance, bow ties, Birkenstocks and veggie burgers.

No, born again Christians aren’t yet stupid enough that Keillor and Company feel it’s an insult to confiscate their money and use it to blast out their liberal tripe, but you sure can’t trust BAC’s to go into a voting booth to exercise a right to complain about it.

Author: Doug Powers

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