Nobody’s “failed upward” more than you, Babs

Barbra Streisand’s at it again, blasting Condoleeza Rice as someone who has “failed upward.” Babs says that Condi has “been judged by **experts as ‘one of the weakest National Security Advisors in recent history’.”

(**Chances are these “experts” are James Brolin and her hairdresser…assuming they’re not one in the same)

I’m noticing a distinct change in strategy from the Hollywood left. They were criticizing Bush himself for many years, saying he was an idiot and illegitimate president, and was handed the Oval Office by a partisan Supreme Court. Now, Bush had a clear, large victory on election day, so that argument has been taken away. They’re working on those who work for the Bush administration now. To Babs, if a black woman makes it any higher than a seamstress, something crooked, dishonest, and dangerous must be in the works.

Keep chattering, Barbra. You’re one of the right wing’s best assets. And keep charging $500 for tickets to your concerts, where you launch into between-songs diatribes about the evils of corporate greed. I like my irony thick, and you provide just that. Thank you.

Author: Doug Powers

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