Why Daschle didn’t run for Prez

Doug Ireland at LA Weekly is says that Tom Daschle didn’t run for president because of the scrutiny he would have had to endure because of his close ties to his airline lobbyist wife. A politician finally gets caught in bed with his own wife, and he gets punished? Washington works in mysterious ways.

Hmm, if Tom would have made a run, I wonder how his hair would have stacked up against the other Democrat candidates coifs?

Happy New Year, and many happy bottle returns

I wish all of you a terrific and prosperous 2005, with the possible exception of Carrot-Top and Pauly Shore.

For those of you who were, as they say in today’s victim oriented society, “overserved” last night, next year you may want to consider partying in this New Orleans hotel. They have a “recovery concierge” named Sara, who will attend to all your hangover needs. I love the American entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to spirits.