It's about time, and still not enough

Part of President Bush’s 2006 budget proposal includes increasing the benefit for the families of soldiers killed in a war zone from $12,420 to $250,000. $100,000 for the death benefit and an option for another $150,000 life insurance benefit. The benefits would also be retroactive to the beginning of the Afghanistan war.

That’s not even enough, but it’s a start. Caring for, and paying, our soldiers, veterans, and their families, should be much higher on the priority list.

$250,000 still isn’t a lot to offer the families of heroes– Especially when you consider that it’s $66,000 less than we pay Barbara Boxer and Ted Kennedy in a single year.

I’d much prefer that our money goes to those who help keep us free than essentially wasted on that which is counterproductive to what these brave men and women are fighting and dying for.

Author: Doug Powers

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