Get ready for a tsunami of BS

International “Appeaser in Chief” Kofi Annan, head of the United Nations, has chosen Bill Clinton to be the point man for all tsunami relief efforts. The U.N. recognition has added fuel to the speculation that Bill Clinton could somehow end up running the U.N. some day.

I’m not completely certain, but I believe that the UN Charter specifically prohibits a citizen of any country with a permanent membership (veto) on the Security Council from being Secretary General of the U.N. It sure is fun to speculate, however.

Picture it… Bill Clinton is sworn in as U.N. Secretary General. Then what?

A new global monetary system will be proposed, using the euro as a model, but each coin will be worth two U.S. dollars and have an engraving of Eleanor Mondale’s chest on the front. Clinton will then be criticized for charging people $1 million to spend the night in the “Lincoln Bedroom.” Only after their checks have been cashed do the angry donors realize that he was talking about Al Lincoln, the U.N. janitor.

Most people still won’t care, however, because they’ll be busy reading about how the Clintons are the legal representatives for those who are sub-dividing Madagascar, plunking down double-wides, and land-flipping the property values to an artificially astronomical number– Castle Grande’ with lemurs. Profits from that scheme will go to pay for Hillary’s campaigns for Canadian Prime Minister, British Parliament, California Senator, and the never before heard of “President of Everything.”

Hugh Rodham will then be pardoned after serving 4 years in a maximum-security bakery in the Hague for taking money to get U.N. pardons for people, a “blow jobs-for-food” program will be proposed to assist third world nations, and the German Ambassador is hospitalized after breaking his kneecap after hitting it on the hitch of Roger Clinton’s house, which is carelessly parked in front of U.N. headquarters.

Then, on day two…

Author: Doug Powers

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