Garofalo mad at getting "the finger" from Congress

Janeane Garofalo, radio host, sometimes actress, part time comedian, and full time dead-ass wrong, is upset that some Republican members of congress dipped their fingers in ink before Bush’s State of the Union address to show solidarity to the Iraqi voters.

Either some members of Congress dipped their fingers in ink, or it’s entirely possible they got the look because they’d just downed long-johns with black licorice filling.

Democrats– the Kings and Queens of symbolism– are upset at a Republican show of unity with Iraq? Liberals like Garofalo are the biggest ribbon-wearing, peace sign making, “you can’t hug your kids with nuclear arms” bumper sticker displaying, “sit-in”, “bed-in”, “dead-in”, three-minute hunger-strike to call for a free Tibet having bunch of dopes on the planet, and they can’t take a few members of Congress with ink on a finger? Please…

A little off-topic trivia here– Did you know that the word “Garofalo” is a zoological term for what is conceived after a giraffe and a buffalo mate?

Author: Doug Powers

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