Finally something France won’t surrender– their 35 hour work week

Sacre bleu! Some serious berets are in a French braid twist over the possibility that they may have to work over the mandated limit of 35 hours per week.

50,000 have taken to the streets, with a possible 300,000 nationwide to march (I’m assuming this is all “on the clock” time, or they wouldn’t do it) as parliament debates a government plan to allow staff in the private sector to increase overtime and work up to 48 hours a week, the maximum allowed under EU law.

France originally limited the work week to 35 hours in an attempt to lower the unemployment rate. Any overtime would force an employer to hire more staff instead of just pay fewer people to work longer. You have to appreciate the mindset here, which is not unlike that of the American left, meaning that it’s creative, but won’t hold water.

If that sounds like a good idea, consider this. If making up ground on a high unemployment rate can be solved by lowering the number of hours worked per person, at what point does that become a stupid idea (hint: at any point).

If 35 hours a week doesn’t lower the unemployment rate enough, assume that the next great idea in socialist theory will be to have a 20 hour per week maximum…then ten hours…then five hours. The decline in working hours will continue until nobody is working at all– Somehow, in their minds, this will achieve full employment? Good luck with that, France.

Author: Doug Powers

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