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The “letters of the day”… so far, concerning today’s WorldNetDaily column:


First of all, for the Republicans to show up with an ink stained finger is childish at best

Secondly, do you really think that a culture that never has had respect for individual rights is really going to have much of a democracy?

Send me a little of what you’re smoking. I could use it

Jeff M.


Since Jeff proves that respect and tolerance of the opinions of others isn’t necessarily a main feature of democracy either, why should we be surprised that individual rights may struggle to take hold in a Middle Eastern version?

Sounds like he’s out of dope, too… that explains the edginess.

Then, Frank B. wedgies me with:


Doug: As a life-long conservative who voted for Bush (in the first election), I have to tell you that your naive cheerleading would be hilarious were its results not so tragic.

Democracy and freedom are not the same thing. The neo-cons inadvertently display their “progressive” roots when they continue to blather about “our democracy.” The United States is not a democracy. America was free, not because the people elected the government, but because the constitution limited the power of government without regard to who the people elected. Bonapart Bush does not understand the Constitution (or worse, doesn’t care about it) and his blind supporters are idiots who cannot see that this man is not a conservative.


I understand your concern Frank, but Democracy and freedom aren’t antonyms, either.

The wheels of freedom have been put on the chassis and the lug nuts have been hand tightened. The rest (what they end up with) is up to Iraqis.

Now if you don’t mind, this “blind supporter” needs to take his seeing eye dog outside for a leak.

Author: Doug Powers

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