Super Bowl better than most

The Super Bowl last night was a bit more fun that the previous few. Mostly, because it was about the game, which was close, and the halftime show was about the music, which didn’t need to rely on an overfilled water balloon exposed after a portion of a costume was torn off by some teenybopper pinhead to keep our attention.

The halftime show was better than usual. Paul McCartney played some great songs, and nobody relied on sex to get people to watch. (hence how Bill Clinton looked to almost be napping in the booth)

Are the Patriots a dynasty? To me, to be a “dynasty” means to cover the spread, but that definition is open to interpretation.

Okay, I’ll be honest… I’m praising last night’s game because I won money on a square. Thankfully, the Pats ended with a “4” in their score, and the Eagles with a “1”.

Drinks are on me. What a great Super Bowl!

Author: Doug Powers

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