Correcting a correction of my Rolling Stones comment

In Tuesday’s Detroit News “Letters to the Editor” section, Bob P. from Whitehall, Michigan wrote the following concerning my column, “Carson sets the gold standard for celebrity retirees“, which ran in that paper on January 27. The column was about how Johnny Carson was true to his promises of retirement, and other entertainers aren’t.

I enjoyed Doug Powers’ Jan. 27 commentary, “Carson sets gold standard as graceful celebrity retiree,” except for one glaring error — his reference to the Rolling Stones. As a self-educated expert on the Stones, I can say that nowhere have they ever stated one of their tours will be their last. The Stones continue to perform and produce now and like they have for more than 40 years.

The column was not only about “retirement”, but all the talk of “farewell tours” and such. So, with that in mind…

The Rolling Stones announced back in 1969 that their British tour that year would be their final one, as they were moving to France for tax reasons and probably to escape pushy drug cops.

Maybe Bob and I are both a little right, and both a little wrong.

Author: Doug Powers

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