"Bill, this is Frank… wanna get married, eh?"

A poll commissioned by the Toronto Star newspaper shows that Canadians are split over the idea of legalizing gay marriage. 42 percent are for allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed, and 40 percent are against it. The remaining 18 percent must have been playing hockey.

Debate over C-38, the Civil Marriage Act, begins in Parliament on Wednesday, and already there’s such excitement among Canada’s same-sex Mounties that you’d think they just saw a paisley Zamboni.

The “for” percentage on same sex marriage polls is a bit lower in the United States … around 35-38 percent from what I’ve been able to find. What happens in Canada will certainly have an impact on the debate in the United States… unfortunately. We already took Celine Dion off their hands, I wish they’d leave it at that.

Author: Doug Powers

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