John F. Kerry wants to be John F. Kennedy? Good luck!

Beth T. writes in a comment:

What’s with John Kerry — is he going the way of Al Gore – just can’t accept his defeat. I heard him on Fox last night – speaking at the Dem Get Together that their party didn’t need to do anything differently – they came within an INCH of winning. It is his destiny, don’t you know, to be the second coming of JFKennedy!

John Kerry can keep dreamin’, and will, I’m sure, if he thinks he has anything in common with JFK. First off, to be a Kennedy, you need a tan line on your lower abdomen in the shape of the back of Marilyn Monroe’s head.

Sure, Kerry thinks he can get there. Heck, he’s probably in front of a mirror in one of Teresa’s mansions as we speak, reciting what he’s sure will be the famous quote from his 2008 presidential victory speech: “Eich bin ein have a plan!”

Unfortunately for Kerry, the closest he can get to being “the second coming of JFK” is to ride around Dallas with the top down, and that isn’t advisable, nor possible. Teresa doesn’t own any convertable limos.

Author: Doug Powers

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