Are "The Bush Tapes" the last great frustration of the left?

You have to admit… when the suits at CNN heard there were tapes recorded of at the time presidential hopeful George W. Bush ingaged in a candid conversation, lather formed on mouths. Now, the recordings have been made public (by a “friend” of the president… some “friend”) and tell a different story.

The left has been waiting for years for something to take hold against Bush. Something on the level of a Marion Barry surveillance video. Something showing Bush snorting coke off the ass of a hooker in the Oval Office. A little more than they got with the “drunk driving” story three days before the 2000 election, which wasn’t quite enough “punch” to take Bush down.

Now, they’ve got “secret recordings”. What do these recordings say about Bush. He pledges to not discriminate against gays and is vastly concerned that kids stay away from drugs.


There hasn’t been a letdown among the American left like this since the nomination of Dukakis.

Author: Doug Powers

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