Study says smoking pot helps Alzheimers sufferers slow down memory loss, and probably even dig Pink Floyd and snowboarding

According to an article in The Guardian, the rate at which memory loss accelerates in Alzheimers patients can be slowed down if they took cannabis. One of Spain’s “leading research centers”, Madrid’s esteemed “Cheech & Chong Institute”, camouflaged in the article as the “Cajal Institute”, claims that the THC in pot “seems to” slow the advancement of effects of Alzheimers.

When they say “seems to” it’s probably because they can’t get straight answers out of patients who do nothing but lay on the couch and stare at the back of their hand laughing hysterically.

Call me skeptical, but have you ever known anybody who partook of the daily doobie? Does “reduces the rate of memory loss” sound like something that ever crossed your mind when observing them?

The next step in the research is to test it on rats, and after that, continue to “fund” (i.e. “drive downtown and score weed) the remaining research with money made on eBay selling rats that look like Willie Nelson.

Author: Doug Powers

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