A quick Sunday sports break: Skip down a post if you don't like basketball

Sunday night’s double overtime victory by Michigan State over Kentucky was nearly enough to make me forgive Kansas for screwing my brackets on the first weekend of March Madness… a loss that means for sure I’ll not win a pot of what will probably amount to dozens of dollars.

MSU’s on a roll, and plays N. Carolina in the Final Four next Saturday. Prediction: MSU 81, N. Carolina 76.

Thankfully, the Spartans made it past Duke on Friday, so there was no repeat of the infamous 1999 campus riot. Living a couple of miles from campus at the time, I could nearly read by the light of the burning cars. Now, since I’m over 30 miles removed, potential rioters should forget about the need for a repeat of that episode… I own a lamp now and don’t need the light. Thanks anyway.

Author: Doug Powers

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