The Monday plug and a couple other things to start the week

This week’s column is about Campaign Finance Reform as it will someday apply to the Internet. What will be known as the years of the “McCain-Feingold rush” will be an interesting battle. Read about it in “Panning for gold in cyberspace.”


Other stuff…

At the end of regulation play of Saturday night’s Michigan State/Kentucky game, Wildcat player Patrick Sparks hit what looked like a three-pointer to tie the game. Officials delayed play while they reviewed whether or not Sparks’ foot was on the line.

While the five-minute review dragged on, CBS enhanced and enlarged the video, showing that, just as the officials later ruled, Sparks had indeed made a three-point shot.

Too bad CBS didn’t use that “zoom and examine” technology on those National Guard documents a while back. It could have saved Rather’s reputation.


Many Democrats applaud the courts ruling in favor of Terri Schiavo’s so-called “husband” and chastize Republican legislation to save her while saying Jeb Bush has no authority or right to go against the courts and remove her from the hospice. Some of these were the same Democrats who praised Janet Reno for defying Florida courts and removing Elian Gonzales from a Miami home and sending him back to Castro-land. How could that be? John Fund has a good explanation.


If dancing around a pole becomes the exercise fad it could be, get ready to see Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley hawking the “Ab Stripper” on every cable station in the country.


Michael Jackson’s playing the race card. Big mistake. He should be playing the sex card. Juries are far more lenient on chicks.

Author: Doug Powers

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