Howell-ing at the Kennedys: Late Senator best remembered for hilarious Ted joke

Former Alabama Senator, Democrat Howell Heflin, died yesterday at the age of 83.

The thing I best remember about ol’ Howell wasn’t anything to do with legislation. In the 1980’s a tabloid newspaper published a picture taken through a telephoto lens of Ted Kennedy out on a boat in the ocean in flagrante delicto with a female companion.

Later, Heflin commented on the photo. “Looks like Ted’s changed his position on offshore drillin’.”


Speaking of Kennedys, Ted’s former wife and drinkin’ buddy, Joan, was found laying on a sidewalk in Boston, suffering from a concussion and a broken shoulder. Joan has had severe bouts with alcoholism over the years, and lost all of them. You know you’ve got a problem when you’re married to Ted, and he’s the designated driver.

Author: Doug Powers

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