Teens failing sex ed. miserably, passing idiocy with flying colors

A new survey is a bit disturbing for those of us who are parents. Out of 580 kids surveyed (mean age of 14 1/2), 20% said they had engaged in oral sex. A good deal of them also believe that oral sex is safer than “regular” sex. That’s the bad news. The good news is that they’re already too old for Michael Jackson.

Assuming you rule out the two or three kids who considered their toboggan accident with Suzie Pendergast, where they were flung into the air and landed in very strange territory, as “oral sex”, that number is still staggeringly high.

The study also found that increasingly high numbers of kids, who grew up as children watching the world around them in the 90’s, don’t even consider oral sex to be sex.

Does that sound familiar, considering what was going on during their formative years?

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