This woman could get 'the finger' in more ways than one

A woman who claims to have bitten into a finger in a bowl of Wendy’s chili has sued people on prior occasions… and before that… and before that.

Anna Ayala has been involved in a bunch of legal wranglings in the San Francisco bay area. She once tried to sue an auto dealership because she claimed a wheel fell off her car.

The wheels appear to be coming off in this case, as well. Police have searched Ayala’s house, and Wendy’s has offered $50,000 to anybody who can prove where the finger came from. I predict that this woman now cuts her own finger off, and hopes that the chili finger is a close fit just so she can get the fifty grand. She’ll then save her own finger to “find” in a Big Mac at a later date.

These overly litigious types need to be made examples of. If this is indeed a fraud, and it looks as if it is, the next finger Ayala sees should be the middle one.

Remember though, this is San Francisco we’re talking about– A place where it will make more sense to make Wendy’s stop selling chili than to punish those victims of society who are simply trying to make up for having to pay for Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.

Author: Doug Powers

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