Do what “The Boss” says? I hope not

Bruce Springsteen is in the midst of an accoustic tour of the United States. The music might not be as loud, but the politics sure are. During a show in Arizona, Springsteen, between songs, called for a “humane immigration policy” (such as smoothing out the sharp edges on the barbed wire?) and responded with “that’s right” to somebody in the audience who yelled “f*#k Bush!”

Have you ever actually listened to a Springsteen interview? The man’s neurons misfire like a lawnmower that’s been neglected a tune up for decades. If this guy couldn’t write and play music, he’d be… well, probably in the audience yelling “f*#k Bush” to some other airheadded musician up onstage.

Springsteen was, of course, part of the Rock Against Bush campaign. “The Boss” and the rest, arrived at the concert cities in private jets, stayed in five-star hotel suites, and rode in limousines and took a stage unimpeded to say whatever they pleased– all in an effort to demonstrate the sheer oppression of the Bush administration. Funny, if you think about it.

Author: Doug Powers

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