Hitler's final daze

Adolph Hitler’s former nurse, now 93 and still living in Germany, has some fascinating insights into the last days of the Third Reich.

Toward the end, Hitler “had a lot of gray hair and gave the impression of a man at least 15 to 20 years older… He shook a great deal, walking was difficult for him”, according to Erna Flegel. Good. I’d hate to think he was happy.

Flegel describes a man who was losing his mind, which is amazing, since he’d already lost it years earlier.

After Hitler shot himself, his body was burned, and I imagine the rest of him went to a place where something similar happened to his spirit.

In a related story, an 86-year-old New York City man will be deported from the U.S. for his part in WWII war crimes by the SS. If he’s in failing health, he should move back to Germany. I know a nurse who’s done work on Nazis.

Author: Doug Powers

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