Introducing the Glen Campbell "Mood-o-meter"

On occasion, I’m going to start showing what mood I’m in using the Glen Campbell photo that most closely tells that day’s story.

Some days I’ll be in a good mood:

Some days not good, not bad, just indifferent:

And then there will be the days, like today, when I’m taking my son’s preschool class on a field trip to a museum. I’m doing pretty well now, but I just know by the end of the day I’ll need the appropriate Glen Campbell “Mood-o-meter” photo. This one pretty much tells the story:

And on those “Red alert” days when all is lost, the needle on the meter pushes the outer limits, leaving Glen behind and reaching the realm of… you guessed it… Nick Nolte:

Lord willing, that’s a level the meter will never reach, but who knows… the day ain’t over yet.

Author: Doug Powers

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