Monday's column up, Google down, celebrities sideways

This is one of those once every few years days where the WorldNetDaily column is about abortion, specifically why the pro life movement is on the right track. I don’t write on the subject often, since the arguments get repetitive and bogged down with one wheel in the sand, but now and again there’s something to say.

Something I try to avoid when writing on the subject is wagging an accusatory finger at those on the other side of the argument who aren’t involved in the promotion of abortion. By those who promote abortion, I mean people with an agenda to somehow, and for some reason, see to it that abortions remain a great birth control option. These are people who are disappointed to learn that the number of abortions is declining– because they actually believe that’s because somebody has been stripped of their rights by the right wing.

Some folks get a little too focuses on Roe v. Wade and the like. I simply believe that some on the pro life side become distracted by that. The goal is to have an abortion rate that’s as close to zero as possible, and when that happens, whether or not it’s legal is moot. Steve Forbes had it right when he ran for the GOP presidential nomination– changing laws doesn’t work nearly as well as changing hearts and minds.

Some other Monday morning stuff…

Google was down for 15 minutes over the weekend. I’ll bet it was a tense quarter of an hour for people on a quest for nude photos of Salma Hayek or the recipe for a Cosmopolitan.

–ABC is said to have picked up a show called “Commander in Chief“, which is a hypothetical about America’s first female president. The show stars Geena Davis, who is an actress who is a democrat activist– which is almost a redundancy. Davis has donated to some democrats and their causes for some time. You can see exactly which here.

–Speaking of political donation, a cool site is One feature they have is Federal Election Committee data on political donations by celebrities. George Lucas gave money to Barbara Boxer’s campaign? I’m not seeing the new Star Wars movie now.

–Also on that same site, the now famous phone message recordings of Pat “you are soooo hot” O’Brien become overshadowed for three seconds as we learn that he gave $1,000 to Tom Daschle. I’ll be he wishes he had that grand back… coulda paid for an hour of rehab– Either that or an ‘auto delete’ feature on his girlfriend’s answering machine.

Author: Doug Powers

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