The Huffington Post is up and… well…

Want to read blogs written by John Cusack, Gary Hart, Tina Brown and Larry Gelbart? Me neither. For those of you who may be curious though, The Huffington Post launched yesterday.

Gabor-sister-gone-bad Arianna Huffington started the project, which boasts blogs from hundreds of celebrities and other people of some note.

Walter Cronkite’s first post is semi-riveting. It’s a couple of paragraphs of the person who was known as “the most trusted man in America” telling us how cool it is to be blogging, and how much he has in mind for his space in the days to come. That’s right, always leave ’em on pins and needles, Walt. The suspense is killing us.

Rob Reiner throws for the endzone though, telling us how the media is all conservative & stuff. That Rob sure can write comedy, can’t he? The man who is best known to Americans as “Meathead”– oh, and he also played the part of “Mike” on All in the Family– says the following:

The truth is, when Americans are treated with respect and receive accurate information, they make wonderfully wise decisions. The system breaks down, however, when the press fails to provide such information, **as they do today. The so-called fourth estate is now little more than the public relations arm of a government propaganda machine in which all three branches are controlled by the same political party. Who is watching the store?

(**Whenever a Republican gets elected)

“Who’s watching the store” isn’t as important as the answer is: “Nobody Rob Reiner thinks should be.”

Author: Doug Powers

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