And they’re calling HER nuts?

When Jennifer Wilbanks ran away before her wedding, eventually claiming briefly that she’d been kidnapped, a lot of people talked about how she’d “lost it” to some degree.

A lot of citizens went even a step further, and wrote to police and other officials about what to do with Wilbanks after she was found, and it was discovered her story was bogus. Check out some of these emails. And they’re calling her crazy?

One of the letters, this one, is from a doctor who is just a couple of miles from where I sit right now who fears hyperthyroidism, called “Graves Disease”, due to the look of Wilbanks’ eyes. I won’t be going to a doctor who makes a diagnosis based on a grainy picture on television. His diagnosis is “goofy in the head”. I don’t understand those fancy medical terms.

The good doctor isn’t alone though in his fears. Somebody else picked up the hyperthyroid scent.

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a way out, just open your eyes real wide for a picture before you split. Wilbanks may have blazed a trail for those who need a good excuse for running away.

Author: Doug Powers

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