Sony announces the coming release of Playstation III, arteriosclerosis giddy in anticipation

“Playstation III” will arrive for purchase next spring, and the graphics and interaction promise to be so cutting edge that kids will never want to stop playing. It’ll be sort of like traveling at the speed of light in a Cheeto bag. They’ll sit down in early 2006, and by the time their finished with their journey, they’ll weigh 340 pounds and all their friends are older. Ain’t science wonderful?

This from the article:

With an overwhelming computing power of 2 teraflops, entirely new graphical expressions that have never been seen before will become possible.

And all along I thought “2 teraflops” meant the last couple Ben Affleck movies.

I joke around about the obesity thing but it’s really a pretty serious problem, and it seems to be confined to video games instead of television, at least according to one study. Perhaps the reason is that, if you watch a basketball game on television, it tends to make you want to go out and play basketball. If you play basketball on Playstation, you’ve gotten your exercise for the day.

Author: Doug Powers

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