Shareholders of “Coldplay” corporation should be nervous to have an investment in a doofus

Chris Martin, singer for a band named “Coldplay”, raised some eyebrows at the record label who backs the band, EMI.

EMI recently warned shareholders that profits would be lower because Coldplay took too long to complete their new album. This angered Chris Martin, who responded by saying, “I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world.”

This comment probably ticked off some shareholders, but they should be nervous for an entirely different reason. Would you want your investment to be partly dependent upon the performance of a flash-in-the-pan band led by one ignorant moronic singer? Me neither.

Coldplay scored big in 2002 with an album entitled “A rush of blood to the head“, but it looks as though the blood has since abandoned the cranial region of Mr. Martin, and the prudent stockholder may want to abandon EMI. So far, that’s not happening, because the stock was up 1.68 at last check.

Author: Doug Powers

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