The UK’s largest newspaper, The Sun, printed photos of Saddam Hussein in prison dressed only in his underwear, trademark mustache and hair that looks as if he’s been riding around with his head hanging out the window. The “Butcher of Baghdad” didn’t like it, and is reportedly planning to sue The Sun.

Who knows if the lawsuit will go anywhere, but if it does go forward, look for major snickers every time an attorney in court asks for a recess to consult their “briefs”.

Where’s the humiliation on the part of Saddam? Hussein was wearing standard skivvie fare for any regular guy, and probably deserves to be embarrassed a little more than that. Saddam should be moved. If there’s anybody in the world that belongs under the watchful eye of Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it’s Saddam Hussein. Sheriff Joe, get your prison issue pink underwear ready. With any luck, we’ll have another customer for you.


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