Washington Times runs a Cliff Notes version of Monday's column for the attention span challenged

My WorldNetDaily column from Monday, “Generation Stones Rolls On”, has a shortened version in today’s Washington Times’ “Culture Briefs” section. Click here to read the Cliff Notes version.

If you missed the full column, which is about the staying power of the Rolling Stones, and the imminent demise of stadium-sized concerts, you can check it out here at WorldNetDaily.

If you’re a new reader, you can access the last couple of years worth of column archives here, just to get a flair for the kind of stuff I write about.

On a side note, tomorrow morning I’m taking the kids to an air show to see the Blue Angels and other demonstrations. I’ll be trying my hand at digital photography, so hopefully by early next week I’ll have some cool pictures from the show– either that or it’ll be a gallery of my thumb in fascinating detail.

Author: Doug Powers

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