Is Howard Dean screaming his swan song?

Back in February, when Howard Dean was chosen to lead the DNC, I predicted that he wouldn’t make it to the 2006 elections. I may need to revise that, because Dean might not even get as far as the end of this year.

In “Are the Democrats passing a torch, or a stone“, I wrote concerning Dean taking over the party:

Democrats may think they’ve passed the torch, but that’s something they won’t be able to do until they pass the stone. The infamous “Dean scream” is the perfect sound for a party trying to do exactly that, but he’ll rankle both Clintons, and be relieved as DNC chair before the 2006 congressional elections.

What may speed it up for ol’ Howard “YEEAAHHH” Dean is that he’s becoming increasingly embarrassing… yes, even for a liberal Democrat. Appearing this weekend on “Meet the Press”, Howard Dean was confronted by Cousin Eddie’s successful older brother, Tim Russert, on several different issues.

Read the transcript and see for yourself. Like I said, this sort of lack of tact of any sort will have the Clinton’s reaching for the hook to yank him off the stage, especially when Hillary begins aggressively campaigning.

When Dean was made DNC Chair, he promised to make the party competitive in the South, Midwest and Mountain areas – in other words, he had to figure out a way for Dems to be fake Republicans by surgically implanting moral-issue silicone enhancements to make the party platform a more attractive rack for red-state voters to grasp.

With comments such as he’s made lately, he’s doing the opposite, and alienating those people he’s charged with wooing. The Clintons will be displeased. So long, Howard.

Author: Doug Powers

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