Anti-America Trek: The Wrath of Khan

The United States has been carded by Amnesty International’s Irene Khan. Unfortunately for Khan, not a lot of Americans know or care what that reference means.

Amnesty International’s Secretary Irene Khan released her group’s 305 page annual report on human rights, and Sudan, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Uzbekistan, and Haiti were the worst offenders. The reason? You guessed it– The United States.

This from the story:

“Amnesty International says the United States, by its actions, is sending out a permissive signal to abusive governments and that is leading to more torture worldwide.”

It’s strange. In Khan’s biography on Amnesty’s website, it says:

“Deeply concerned about violence against women, she called for better protection of women’s human rights in meetings with President Musharraf of Pakistan, President Lahoud of Lebanon and Prime Minister Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh. She has initiated a process of consultations with women activists to design a global campaign by Amnesty International against violence on women.”

What about the millions of women in Aghanistan who are now treated as human beings, can get an education, and can vote, as a result of the United States’ action? No mention of this… but there can’t be a mention of it, because it would topple the house of cards of the “blame America first” bunch.

Is there anyone out there who has the word “activist” in their biography who thinks America is a good, just, fair, and decent nation? They sure do seem to like our colleges though. Khan has a degree from Harvard Law.

Author: Doug Powers

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