New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate doctored Howard Dean photo– Oh, you're not supposed to do that?

Republican Bret Schundler, a candidate in Tuesday’s primary for New Jersey Governor, was discovered to have a photo of himself on his website (which has since been removed) with people cheering in the background. The problem is, the people in the background were taken at a Howard Dean for President rally, with Dean in the foreground. The photo was doctored, with Dean removed, and Schundler taking his place.

If Howard Dean keeps Dems fundraising efforts in a death-spiral, he’ll find himself being removed from lots of photos, and no Photoshop will be necessary in order to do it.

Using a doctored Howard Dean photo– imagine that. I’d never do that…again. I’ve learned my lesson since the previous post, and so has Bret Schundler.

Author: Doug Powers

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