Anarchists organize, anti-capitalists get money for their movement from a capitalist — read this if you're a huge fan of irony

The G8 Summit is being held next month in Scotland, and groups of anarchists have vowed to show up to protest. That’s right, anarchists are organizing. The beauty of organized anarchism is that the moment they become organized, the group officially disbands.

It gets funnier. Many of the anti-capitalists who have said they’ll show up to disrupt the summit will get there because a capitalist, Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Air, is providing them free train and air travel to Edinburgh the week of the summit.

In the meantime, Bob Geldof’s “Live8” concerts, which will coincide with the G8 Summit, are benefits for African famine relief, but have been criticized for a lineup of acts that are “too white” for an event concerning Africa. It gets so worse for these critics, because not only are the acts predominantly white, but for the occasion, GCAP, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, is calling for people to wear white ribbons to show solidarity with the cause.

“Where a white band to show the world you want action, not just words”, according to the GCAP website. That’s right– if you’re sick and tired of empty words and promises, then symbolize that you want action. If that still doesn’t work, two ribbons should do the trick.

Author: Doug Powers

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