Monday's shameless column plug: Live8 and the Philanthropy of Celebrity

Live8, the “sequel”, if you will, to Bob Geldof’s “Live Aid”, which took place back in 1985, is set to go in early July.

The surface goal is to raise money for famine relief in Africa. A noble goal, but whose fault is the problem? Apparently the G8 countries.

Live8 is timed to coincide with the G8 Summit meeting in Scotland, and the organizer of Live8 has called for a million protesters to descend upon the G8 meeting. There are other protesters planning to show up as well, many of whom are the very definition of “irony”.

The era of the “concert to solve all the world’s problems” has been going strong for 30-plus years– All the world’s problems still exist. What’s the real answer to African famine? Probably the spread of freedom and capitalism– And certainly not Phil Collins singing “Su su suddio” at Wembley.

Read about some of the kookiness, irony, and desperation in this week’s WorldNetDaily column, “Live8 and the Philanthropy of Celebrity“.


By the way, 1985’s Live Aid DVD is out, and the remaining members of Led Zeppelin didn’t let their three-song set be used on the recording. Poor sound quality, a slightly out of tune guitar, and Robert Plant’s laryngitis are the reasons. Pink Floyd’s set isn’t on the DVD either. There go two of the reasons to actually buy the thing…

Author: Doug Powers

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