For he's a Jolie good fellow

Actor Brad Pitt speaks out about the plight of Africa on ABC’s Primetime Live… But first he’s asked about some important subjects, like his divorce from Jennifer Aniston and current relationship with Angelina Jolie, whose inner-tube like lips contain plenty of sex appeal, not to mention a dozen Miami-bound Cubans.

Pitt then said that we here in America “hit the lottery” by being born here, instead of somewhere like the poverty stricken regions of Africa.

I’d hardly call being born here “winning the lottery”. To win the lottery means you lucked out against odds that were terrifically against you. Speaking for myself, as a white guy of Irish descent, the odds that I would have been born in Africa were pretty much slim and none, so it would have been “winning the lottery” as far as odds go, if I were born in Africa, not the United States.

Think about it, Brad. America is a nation with news programs that, in a time of war, terrorism, and kidnappings, instead headline with a vacous actor’s opinion on how to solve global problems, and a Congress that consults those same actors on environmental and social issues simply because they once played the part of someone who snorted DDT in the 70’s or a dustbowl farmer.

America gives tremendous air time to the opinions of Robert Redford, Rob Reiner, Woody Harrelson, Ed Asner, Cameron Diaz, and other residents of Mali-boob California who play first-chair snivelhorn with “Martin Sheen and his all Bohemian Orchestra.” We, as “regular” citizens, are exposed to this madness on a daily basis.

“Lottery winners” my ass.

Author: Doug Powers

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