Is "organized anarchy" an oxymoron? One reader doesn't think so

From a reader in regards to a line in “Live8 and the Philanthropy of Celebrity“:

Hi Doug,

I was just wondering what incidents you discovered which prompted your statement that “The beauty of organized anarchism is that the moment they become organized, the group officially disbands.”

For counter-examples you need only look to (for instance)(a) The Wombles, who have been in existence since 2000, and still organise regular campaigns, including protests at the G8 summit(b) NEFAC, who have been in existence for over 5 years(c) The Irish WSM, in existence for over 20 yearsAs for the “irony” of Richard Branson offering free flights to the summit, I really can’t see it. Whats important is that as many people are there to express their protest as possible. If Richard Branson wants to help out the Anarchist or anti-globalisation movement by helping to get more people to the protests, then why would we have a problem with that?

Obviously his offer should hardly be considered an endorsement if anarchism, it’s more likely a cynical marketing exercise. Consider, though that since the flights are free, Branson isnt actually getting any money from these flying anarchists As for the white ribbons, I’d have to agree with you that they’re possibly the most ineffective “protest” one could think of.But then I would say that, being a “violent anarchist extremist” right?

There is a long answer to this, but I guess what I was getting at by writing “as soon as anarchists organize they officially disband” requires a short explanation. Sure there are groups of anarchists that have been around for a while, but the idea of “organized anarchy” is funny to me… it’s sort of like if you went to an “Attention-getters anonymous” meeting… see what I mean?

With “organzied anarchy”, I believe that the very organizational nature negates what the movement stands for, which is what I meant by “they officially disband.” Not literally, but figuratively and in all practicality to the definition. They’re simply communists, Marxists, or whatever, but not anarchists.

Credit where credit is due, the NEFAC, or North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists, have managed to put together a fairly anarchal looking website though.

Author: Doug Powers

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