The Penn is mightier than the sword — What a crock

Actor/activist… make that activist/actor, Sean Penn is in Tehran, Iran reporting for the San Francisco Chronicle on the upcoming elections in that country.

Penn, a man who has one terrific trait, which is that he treats tabloid photographers the way they deserve to be treated, took notes for his article as he watched a prayer service where 6,000 Iranians chanted “death to America.” Penn calmly observed, the sign of a true professional. Had they chanted “death to Hollywood”, he would have become enraged and insulted to the point of wetting himself.

Penn’s now on the Middle Eastern Airlines’ “frequent flyer” program. Shortly before “Iraq war II” broke out, Penn traveled to Baghdad to see first hand what was happening there, all while trying not to be run over by all the fleeing “human shields.” I have a theory that this was all part of a plot by the American left to make Bush look bad by exposing Iraqis to a Western-world moron.

By the way, here’s today’s “Fun Fact”: Because of that trip to Baghdad, the word “Penn” is now an Arabic term meaning “the dumbest guy in Iraq.”

Author: Doug Powers

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