From the Associate Press:

About 40 percent of Americans say they consider talk show host Bill O’Reilly a journalist — more than would define famed Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward the same way, according to a poll conducted this spring.

Every time I start to think that some people can’t get any more ignorant, they go and do something like this… and completely redeem themselves!

What’s a “journalist”? Somebody who exposes truth? I’m not particularly a big O’Reilly fan, but I do hear more exposing of truth from him than from, say, Helen Thomas, a “journalist.” Maybe people got it right concerning Woodward, too.

27% of people even said they considered Rush Limbaugh a journalist.

Are there really any “journalists” anymore? I don’t know if there ever were. To a great degree, journalism is a field that has become infested by people looking for a way to be able to inject their opinions into the news free from criticism. The untouchable “journalist” label creates a forcefield, but the power supply is running out.

Too many “unbiased journalists” have gone down lately to ignore, and this poll proves that it’s not being ignored.


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