Today’s “Tinfoil hat alert”: World Trade Centers brought down by US government, according to former Bush economist

Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush’s first term, says he thinks the official explanation for the World Trade Centers collapse is bogus, and that a controlled detonation is to blame.

Yes, the government infiltrated the two WTC’s, along with building 7, planted bombs all over the place undetected over the course of weeks, had our own commercial planes hijacked (which of course must have also been planned), the planes hit, and, in exquisite timing, somebody pushed down on a lever and detonated the explosives, neatly bringing down all the buildings. Most importantly, not to mention impossibly, the hundreds of people who would have had to be involved have kept their mouths shut, and a nerdy economist is figuring it all out.

Yes, that’s a far more likely scenario than the explanation you and I have been served by the government.

I’m a pretty big government skeptic, but please. The government can’t shut up about anything. There’s a W. Mark Felt, aka Deep Throat, at every corner just waiting to suck up to Bob Woodward. Two people can’t keep a secret, let alone hundreds concerning something of this magnitude.

Congratulations, Mr. Reynolds, you managed to make headlines. Run along now and work on those supply and demand curves. By the way, your shoe is ringing.

Author: Doug Powers

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