Saturday bouillabaisse: Tom Cruise engaged, Queen Elizabeth goes high tech, drunk drivers in NY, and is the Schiavo matter settled?

–It’s been reported that Queen Elizabeth II bought a six gig iPod. Prince Andrew is said to be the one who will take over the operation of the iPod for her– Ever since the Queen was seen trying to jam an 8-track tape into the thing. Pretty impressive for a 79-year-old, really. Most people that age think an “iPod” was the traveling case for Sammy Davis Jr’s glass eye.

Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes on the Eiffel Tower. So much for all of those who said it was all a publicity stunt because they both have movies coming out. This Hollywood couple is in it for the long haul. Yes indeed, it could last well into next year, when the inevitable fierce divorce battle hits the courts over who gets custody of the autographed copy of Dianetics.

–A person convicted in the state of New York of drunk driving may get a special license plate. Lawmakers in the state are considering the move, which would allow police to stop the car without further cause. What would the plate say? “B-I-L-L-Y-J-O-E-L”.

–Well, an autopsy has reportedly shown that Terri Schiavo didn’t have a heart attack, eating disorder, and wasn’t beaten before her collapse and subsequent “persistent vegetative state.” So what then caused her to collapse? Florida Governor Bush wants to know.

By the way, the brain was found to be half the size of normal… but enough about Dick Durbin.

Author: Doug Powers

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