Youth baseball team “too good” for league gets the boot, makes the government’s “next thing to bust up” list

A recreational youth baseball league near Columbus, Ohio has been kicked out of their league for being too good.

The 11 and 12 year olds called the “Columbus Stars” won games 18-0, 24-0, 13,0, and 10-2 (they must have been playing the Colorado Rockies) when other teams started forfeiting upcoming games.

The mother of a Stars player said, “One team told us they didn’t want their boys’ self-esteem battered.”

One member of the Stars, 12-year-old Matthew Hufferd, said, “If they learn at their age that they can forfeit on things they don’t want to do, it’s quitting.”

Oh poor young Matthew, you do have a shock coming to you. The problem is that much of the country is turning into the “Canal Winchester League”, and I’m not even referring to sports.

Rational people criticize leagues that don’t keep score or monitor wins and losses, saying this doesn’t prepare kids for the “real world.” That’s becoming a false mindset. The more PC society becomes, the more that kind of stuff does prepare kids for the real world.

If you’re “too good” you’re a detriment to society. Government won’t let you monopolize success, even if nobody else is reaching for it. 30 years from now, Matthew Hufferd may be running a company that he established upon his principles of hard work, training, alertness, and doing it better than the other guy, only to find a judge ordering him to break up his company because it’s “too big” and “too successful.”

The judge in question will likely be a former member of a team Hufferd’s Stars beat the crap out of 30 years earlier.

Author: Doug Powers

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