Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) calls for head of PBS to step down — PBS, by the way, stands for Partisan Bitching Sucks

Rep. Ed Markey, Massachusetts Democrat, wants Kenneth Tomlinson, the head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to resign.

From The Hill news:

Tomlinson has come under fire recently for hiring an ombudsman to gauge perceived biases in PBS shows such as “Now,” previously hosted by Bill Moyers. Liberals say such an action is tantamount to government censorship.

If Conservatives really want to can public funding for PBS, they should conspire to create a show that mentions Jesus in a positive light. Democrats would yank the network off the air faster than Ted Kennedy can mainline a bottle of Chivas.

Here’s the kicker from the article:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), founder of the Bipartisan Congressional Public Broadcasting Caucus, emphasized that the cuts would hurt what he sees as a unifying force in the country.

“Today, because of the multiplicity of choices, we really don’t have that national voice that once united us,” Blumenauer said. “NPR, PBS are as close to a national voice as America has any more.”

That “national voice” must be yelling at deaf ears, because it gets drowned out by the voices of others with more viewers and listeners who don’t qualify as “national voices” because they disagree with the left wing politics of certain congressional boneheads.

Besides, what kind of a thing could be a “national voice” that still needs public funding? By “national voice”, he’s of course referring to a liberal voice, and that’s a voice that can’t survive unless it’s sitting on a sidewalk holding a tin cup and pretending to be blind.

Blumenauer and Markey realize that PBS is the last media bastion of liberal reeducation camping that the left has their tents pitched in, and they’re not going to let it go quietly.

Of course, the argument turns to a topic Democrats always go to when they’re losing an argument. It’s “for the children.”

Okay, so kids like Sesame Street, Clifford, and all the other kids’ programs on PBS. Does anybody realize how much on merchandising those shows generate? Has anybody ever asked for an accounting and wondered if the network could be run on its own power? That could never be allowed to happen, though, because the twirpy Markey and Blumenauer would lose control, and that’s why Tomlinson is a danger to their power.

Author: Doug Powers

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