Democrats in-depth investigation finds that wherever they lose is where there are voting problems

The Democratic Party conducted an investigation over what they consider voting irregularities in Ohio. Their conclusion? More than a quarter of all voters and more than half of all black voters experienced problems at the polling place. One of the major problems? Way to many of them voted for Bush.

The good news is that, if you’re a Republican, the Democrats spend so much time dwelling on the past that they never see the tree they’re racing towards at 80 mph. By the time they see it, there’s only time for Howard Dean to yell “Heyaahhh!”

Funny how the voting “problems” always seem to coordinate exactly with whichever swing state was the one to drive the final stake through the heart of another Democrat candidate. The hilarious thing is how they follow-through with a fallacy of their own invention by “investigating” their own desperate accusations. In this aspect, the DNC is like a person who claims to have seen Bigfoot just to get into the newspaper, then when doubted, is then forced to go out and “prove” the existence of a creature they know very well doesn’t exist. You’d think they’d have better things to do with their time.

The 2004 election is nothing. My guess is that Al Gore is still in the basement of a Broward County courthouse, covered in chads, desperately searching for more votes.

God help you if you’re in the next swing state that is “dumb enough” to not vote for the Democrat presidential candidate, because your state will be crawling with Democratic “investigators” for the next dozen years.

Author: Doug Powers

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