The Supreme Court has ruled that your home is sacred, unless the city decides they need a hotel there instead.

Now I know why the Supreme Court outlawed medically prescribed marijuana… so there would be more left for the Supreme Court to smoke.

This from the New York Times:

The Supreme Court ruled today, in one of its most closely watched property rights cases in years, that fostering economic development is an appropriate use of the government’s power of eminent domain.

The 5-to-4 decision cleared the way for the city of New London, Conn., to proceed with a large-scale plan to replace a faded residential neighborhood with office space for research and development., a conference hotel, new residences and a pedestrian “riverwalk” along the Thames River.

One woman who will now have to move has lived in the same house for
87 years, ever since she was born.

I’m sure the government broke the news to her gently: “Unless you want your tombstone to be a Fuddruckers sign, beat it Grandma!”

John Paul Stevens wrote in the majority opinion that the city’s plan “unquestionably serves a public purpose.” Well, so does plowing under the Supreme Court building, but we don’t have the right to do that, do we?

Joining Stevens, who was nominated to the Court by Gerald Ford, apparently after falling down the steps of Air Force One and suffering a closed-head injury, were “librarian from hell” Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, mamma’s boy David Souter, stain left on the Court by Bill Clinton alongside the Ginsburg discharge– Stephen Breyer, and Anthony Kennedy, who proves that even Reagan
made mistakes.

Yes indeed, the same group that said juveniles can’t receive the death penalty because other countries would think it’s icky is back with a vengeance.

SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) is morphing into SCROTUM (Supremely Crappy Rulings of the Unconstitutional Majority) right before our eyes.


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