Bill and Hillary holding hands is a shining example of what a model marriage… is nothing like

The New York Daily News has a headline reading “Bill, Hil, join hands at Graham crusade.” How cute. This is a marriage that has hit so many rocks that you’d think it was being driven by Captain Hazelwood, and through it all, those kids can still hold hands. How romantic. How special. How… politically driven.

America hasn’t seen this kind of awkward and phony display of marital affection since Michael Jackson kissed Lisa Marie Presley.

We’ll see if the “loving marriage” routine works when Hillary hits the presidential campaign trail. The funny thing is that they seem to think they’re fooling people. In reality, when they’re together and displaying affection, they’re able to hide their true feelings about as well as kids who are being forced to eat spinach.

At what has been called his “final revival”, Billy Graham called the Clintons “A great couple.”

“A great couple” of what?

Graham also joked that Bill Clinton should become an evangelist and allow “his wife to run the country.” You left the third letter, “i”, out of the word “run”, Reverend.

Author: Doug Powers

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