Absence of hockey causes some Canadian marriages to go completely nuts — literally

The goalie is out of the net. Canada has become only the third country in the world to officially recognize gay marriage— along with the Netherlands and Belgium. The U.K. is not officially on that list, but the powdered wigs, red coats, and heeled shoes for men prove that they’ve been “honorary members” of that group for quite some time.

This is sure to rekindle the debate on the gay marriage issue in the United States, but for the immediate future, expect the line at Customs to get a lot more color coordinated.

By the way, the groom and groom are registered at “Pucks, Bath & Beyond.”

Speaking of homosexual Canucks, I recently ran across their “logo”, if you will… it’s a rainbow pattern over the country’s symbol. I think this is called a “Gay-ple leaf”, but I’m not sure:

Author: Doug Powers

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