“Club Gitmo” is a Cuban resort for suspected terrorists that has been highlighted on Rush Limbaugh’s program for several weeks now. T-Shirts, mugs, and other things have slogans from Club Gitmo, such as “My Mullah went to Club Gitmo but all I got was this lousy t-shirt,” but some possibilities are left out, such as…

“If you ain’t got Club Gitmo, you ain’t got Shi’ite”

“Git mo at Gitmo”

“‘If you can read this, the belt bomb fell off’ – Club Gitmo”

“I let it all hang out at Club Gitmo’s Burqa-less beaches!

“‘Flush this, infidel!’ – Club Gitmo”

“If you don’t know Durbin, you don’t know Dick! – Club Gitmo”

“Club Gitmo – ‘We’ll leave the blight on for ya”


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