I found this column by way of Boortz.com, and it made my day.

It’s on the National Education Association’s website, written by Dave Arnold, and it’s called “Home schools run by well meaning amateurs.”

Here’s a short intro so you can get a feel for it:

“There are few homeowners who can tackle every aspect of home repair. A few of us might know carpentry, plumbing and, let’s say, cementing. Others may know about electrical work, tiling and roofing. But hardly anyone can do it all…”

“…why would some parents assume they know enough about every academic subject to home-school their children? You would think that they might leave this — the shaping of their children’s minds, careers, and futures — to trained professionals. That is, to those who have worked steadily at their profession for 10, 20, 30 years! Teachers!

Using an analogy to building contractors (at least some that I’ve met) in an effort to provide legitimacy and qualification to teachers is like using the Hindenburg to lend credibility to the profession of piloting.

Anyway, read the rest, but be sure to check out the author’s bio:

(Dave Arnold, a member of the Illinois Education Association, is head custodian at Brownstown Elementary School in Southern Illinois.)

Sorry to be so blunt, Mr. Arnold, and nothing against a very necessary profession full of hard workers, but my guess is that fewer children of those “well meaning but misguided amateurs” end up scrubbing toilets for a living than those who received a public school education from “highly qualified professionals.”


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