Multiple column announcements before vacation begins

Since I’ll be leaving for Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula on Saturday morning for a week, I’ll post some of the column reminders right now. I may or may not have ‘net access up there, and if I do, it’ll be limited.

On Sunday, I have an essay in the Sunday edition of the Honolulu Advertiser. Since this has been a real NASA week, the column is about why it is important to continue the space program. Hopefully it doesn’t piss off Don Ho. If I can get online Sunday or Monday and link directly to it, I will, but otherwise you should be able to click the above link and go to the front page on Sunday, and find it from there.

Then, on Monday, my column on WorldNetDaily will also deal with NASA, but is more speculative. It’s basically picks up where the above column left off, and then ponders privatizing the space program. The column is tentatively called “Is it time to Trump NASA?”

Author: Doug Powers

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